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The purpose of Wild Animal Rescue Network Asia (WARN) is to enhance the capabilities of East and South East Asian wildlife rescue centres to rescue and conserve wildlife, provide conservation awareness education for the public and advocate minimum standards for wildlife rescue centres.

Wild Animal Rescue Network Asia is comprised of people and organisations in East and South-east Asia that work hands-on in the following activities:

    • Wildlife Rescue Centers
    • Government Departments on Wildlife and Nature
    • Wildlife Law Enforcement Assistance
    • Animal Welfare Organisations
    • Wildlife Hospitals
    • Mobile Wildlife Clinics
    • Wildlife Rehabilitation Projects
Wildlife Translocation (Sabah - Malaysia)
Wildlife Translocation (Sabah - Malaysia)

Wildlife translocation (Sabah - Malaysia)

Bear rescue (Cambodia)

Law Enforcement

Exchanging Information

Poaching - Wild Animal Confiscation

Providing Medical Assistance

Wildlife Translocation (Sabah - Malaysia)


  • Rescue Rehabilitate and Release wildlife
  • Conduct, Encourage and Assist public Education programmes to highlight wildlife Conservation issues
  • Conduct relevant Research that will assist in the rescue, Rehabilitation and Release process and hence contribute to the collective knowledge for the species
  • Care for and provide good Quality of Life for Rescued animals held in our centres
  • Promote Camaraderie and Cooperation among wildlife rescue centres
  • Provide a forum in which members can Exchange Information, share Expertise and Coordinate Activities of Common Interests
  • Support in situ wildlife Conservation and Research programmes and promote their integration with ex situ programmes in WARN Institutions
  • Advocacy and Support for implementing Effective national and international Wildlife Conservation Laws and Policies

Documents to view or download

To view the WARN constitution click here WARN constitution

To view the WARN bylaws click here WARN Bylaws

To view the WARN 2011 Communique click here WARN Communique 2011

Warn History

WARN (ASIA) stands for Wild Animal Rescue Network, a network of wild animal rescue centers, wildlife law enforcement groups and officials and animal protection groups. In East and Sout-East Asia.

WARN was established as a registered foundation in August 2013 after several meetings were held in Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Currently WARN has members in the following countries; China, Taiwan R.O.C., South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,

We hope to include members from Myanmar, Brunei, Papua New-Guinnea, Japan and North Korea soon.

2009 – First meeting of WARN was held in Kaochung, Taiwan
2010 – Second meeting was held in Cuc Phuong National Park near Hanoi, Vietnam
2011 – Third meeting was held in Thailand
2013 – WARN officially registered
2013 – 4th Annual meeting in Sabah, Malaysia

With annual meetings, we hope to further strengthen our ties, exchange knowledge, information and ideas, to tackle local and national problems on a regional level.

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